How to Lace a Satin Corset

Tips & Warnings of Lacing a Satin Corset

How to Lace a Satin Corset

Corsets, for centuries the undergarment of a properly attired woman, have found their place in the modern world of lingerie and in the world of historical re-enactment societies. Often lavish creations of sumptuous satins and laces, corsets look mechanically more complicated than they are.



Place the corset on a table with the side to be laced facing you. Corsets or Lover Secret Costumes come in two styles: waist cinchers without straps or bra cups, and cupped corsets with or without straps. Corsets lace in the front or the back.


Insert the corset lace into the eyelet on the bottom left side and then insert the lace through the eyelet on the bottom right side so the lace is straight across (horizontal) the opening between the two sides. An eyelet is a loop of thread, leather or metal sewn between or into the layers of the corset fabric through which the lace is fed. Count the eyelets: if you have an even number, insert through the top of the eyelet. If you have an odd number, insert the lace up from the inside. If your eyelets are positioned along the inside edges of the corset sides, start beneath.


Pull the lace through the eyelets until the two ends meet and are even on both sides.


Insert the end of the lace at the left side of the corset through the empty eyelet directly above the previously laced eyelet on the bottom right side of the corset. You’ll have two eyelets laced on the right side. Pull the lace until the corset opening is approximately 2 inches wide.


Insert the end of the lace on the right side of the corset through the empty eyelet directly above the previously laced eyelet on the bottom left side of the corset. The lace is now criss-crossed between the corset opening with two eyelets on both sides of the corset laced.


Continue criss-crossing the laces until you’ve laced the corset to the top. Your laces will form X’s on the inside of the corset and will alternate with X’s on the outside of the corset.


Place the corset onto your body and adjust any hooks and eyes in the back or front. Pull the laces until the corset reaches the desired tightness. Tie the laces in a bow and/or knot.

Tips & Warnings

For historical re-enactment societies concerned about historical accuracy over ease, instead of simple lingerie satin corset lacing, stop lacing in the center (waistline) of your corset to create a pull loop. Pull out the lace on each side, forming a 2-inch loop and insert the lace on each side into the eyelet directly above it. Do not criss-cross these loops. The loops must be on the outer side of the corset. Place a pencil into the loops, horizontally, to keep your loops loose, and resume crossing the laces as you did in Steps 2 through 5. Lace to the bottom of the corset and tie in a tight bow. Put on the corset, and pull the loops in the center to tighten, tying the loops together in a bow once adjusted.